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BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer: Effortless Automation for Your Smart Home

Transform your home into a smarter and more convenient space with the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer. This versatile smart home product, proudly offered by BN-LINK, combines programmable timer functionality, seamless WiFi support, and a user-friendly design to enhance your daily routines. With the ability to schedule and control your electronics remotely, this smart WiFi outlet is a must-have for any modern home. Let’s explore its key features and benefits in detail.

Programmable Timer for Automated Control

The BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer enables you to effortlessly automate your electronics. With the programmable timer feature, you can schedule the smart plug to power on or off as needed. Set your lights to come on at dusk and turn off at sunrise, ensuring a well-lit home without the hassle. Additionally, the countdown timer feature allows you to set a timer for the smart plug to automatically turn off your appliances. Experience the convenience and energy-saving benefits of automated control with BN-LINK.

 Seamless Wi-Fi Support for Easy Connectivity

The BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer seamlessly connects to your home’s secure 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. This ensures a stable and reliable connection, enabling you to control your electronics from anywhere using the BN-LINK Smart app. Whether you’re at home or away, you can easily power your devices on or off with a simple tap on your smartphone. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of managing your home’s electronics with ease.

User-Friendly Design for Simple Operation

Designed with user convenience in mind, the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer offers a user-friendly experience. The intuitive interface of the BN-LINK Smart app allows you to effortlessly set schedules, timers, and customize your smart outlets according to your preferences. The three-prong design ensures compatibility with a wide range of appliances, making it a versatile addition to your smart home setup. Simplify your life and streamline your routines with BN-LINK.


Upgrade your home with the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer and experience effortless automation and control. With programmable timer functionality, you can schedule your electronics to power on and off as needed. Benefit from seamless Wi-Fi support, enabling you to control your devices remotely via the BN-LINK Smart app. Enjoy the user-friendly design and versatility of this smart home product, enhancing your daily routines and providing convenience at your fingertips. Invest in the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer and transform your home into a smart and efficient space. Experience the reliability and convenience of a trusted BN-LINK smart home product.

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