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Digital Technology Staffing will help you keep up to date with the latest tech trends

Leaders are asking themselves the most important question: How can digital transformation be used to propel my company forward? According to a Deloitte Digital study and MIT Sloan Review, about 85% of leaders believe that digitization is essential for their success.

You need an IT staff that can meet your business’ needs and help you scale up in order to make the transition to technology transformation. Finding talent with these fine skills can be difficult and you might need to spend a lot of money to hire one.

Digital Technology Staffing is the best option in such situations. They can match you with industry experts who have the same skill set as you. To be able to refine your requirements and identify your ideal candidate, you need to be aware of current technology transformation trends in the market.

These are the cutting-edge technologies that you need to be looking for if your organization is going forward.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is the most sought-after technology on the market. CompTIA, a leading trade association in the IT industry, estimates that 6 out of 10 US companies have an IoT initiative.

IoT can help you increase your company’s productivity. You can improve your decision-making through detailed insight into customer preferences and habits. It can be used to manage production stages, monitor business operations and train employees.

There is an IoT skill shortage in this field. Companies are facing a shortage in IoT professionals. It is difficult to find IoT-skilled candidates, let alone hire one. It is best to outsource the tedious task of finding IoT-skilled candidates to digital technology staffing companies, as they already have access to a large network of IT experts.

Cloud Strategy

Everyone is focused on creating a winning cloud strategy. Forbes reports that cloud computing was a major focus of companies’ IT budgets in 2018.

Cloud strategies are not only for technical businesses. A cloud strategy is essential for anyone looking to grow their business and improve their ability, competency, profitability, or productivity.

Cloud services not only save you huge costs associated with maintaining in-house systems but also offer a convenient platform to test and trial. Cloud-based technology also promises increased security to protect against all types of security breaches.

Many companies don’t have the expertise or the resources to manage cloud systems due to their complexity. Hiring digital technology staffing services is a cost-effective and easy solution to this problem. They can provide IT professionals with the expertise to meet your needs and help you to upgrade quickly.


Blockchain technology is an important part of decentralization and is constantly evolving. Blockchain technology offers new ways to guarantee transparency and data integrity. The technology not only provides a layer of fraud protection, but also allows for a higher level trust.

A successful blockchain strategy can improve your customer experience in every industry, including healthcare, banking & Finance, retail, real-estate, and other.

Blockchain implementation requires special skills such as cryptography, data structures and blockchain architecture. Your recruitment team may have a difficult time finding such a high-level skill set. Subcontracting your IT staffing needs to a digital tech staffing agency can help find the right match for the job.

Wrapping up

A digital strategy that is effective can give you an advantage over your competition. Although it may seem expensive at first, this digital approach pays great dividends over the long-term. Digital tech solutions can be made more effective by aligning your organisation’s structure, culture and leadership with the operating model, talent, skills, and organizational structure.

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