Direct burials vs. traditional burials

 It is understandable that so many people are trying to reduce their expenses. While cremations tend to be cheaper than burials, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on the burial of someone who has just died. This is because low-cost direct burials now exist that are only meant to provide the basics and nothing more. You might think that a direct burial is right for you, but you are curious about what you might miss out on.
  • What is a Direct Burial?

A direct burial has no service. No religious or secular officiant will oversee the proceedings. The funeral directors will simply transport the cremated body from the funeral home to the plot and then lower it into the ground. There will not be a graveside committal, eulogy, or hymns. The coffin will be inexpensive, typically cardboard or veneered.

  • How do Direct Burials differ from Traditional Funerals?

Direct burials are essentially a simplified version of traditional funerals. They only contain the elements required by British law to dispose of human remains properly. They cover everything, even though they are often defined by the things they don’t contain. They are popular because they don’t require much fuss or ceremony. They are often specified in wills, stating that the money should be used for a family party. You should be aware that some cemeteries have specific rules regarding grave markers. A direct funeral will usually result in a simple grave marker that is not elaborate or ornate.

  • What Does Direct Burial Cost

It is difficult to know exactly as the costs of all funeral services, including direct burials, vary from one service provider to another. Inflation means that they will increase in cost over time. It is possible to state that a typical burial will cost less than 25% of a traditional burial. They are also significantly less costly.

  • How can I pay for my own direct burial in advance?

Yes, you can. According to Newrest Funerals, a professional funeral planning company, increasing numbers of people in the UK are opting to pay their own funeral in advance. This is usually because they don’t want funeral fees to eat into the estate they have left behind. Direct burial plans that divide the cost into monthly installments can be beneficial if you want to leave more for your loved ones when you die. This will depend on your willingness to forgo some traditional elements of a traditional burial. Non

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