Discover New88’s Latest 2024 Mode for Members

www.new889.blue policies are always information that many customers seek and are interested in. When you become a VIP member of the house, you will receive a series of attractive benefits and incentives. In the following article, let’s learn more about VIP membership accounts atNew88 Please.

Overview of vip membership policy at bookmaker New88

Before learning about New88 policy, please take the time to review the information about this policy. Accordingly, the house’s VIP membership program is divided into 60 classes.

Each rank will have separate regulations on betting levels, accumulated amounts, monthly bonuses and enhancements. The higher the Vip, the greater the benefits you receive. Besides, on birthdays or special events, exclusive vip members of bookmaker New88 also receive surprise gifts. The value of the gift ranges from 18 to 58,888 bonus points.

According to regulations, each point is converted into 1,000 VND. The purpose of the house offering New88’s regime is so that players can assert their superiority compared to many other members. The system will rely on the amount of accumulated money and total betting revenue to promote customers monthly.

Details of the latest exclusive New88 mode in 2024

Compared to regular members, premium members will receive extremely attractive New88 benefits. Specifically includes:

Increase reward redemption limit

The first attractive New88 mode that we want to introduce to you is the increased transaction limit for rewards. Every day, VIP members can redeem rewards and withdraw money to their bank accounts up to billions of dong and guarantee 100% free commitment.

Not only that, the house also supports you to transact through many convenient and absolutely safe methods such as banks, scratch cards, e-wallets, virtual money… Depending on each person’s needs, choose the appropriate method. suits me best.

Besides, the system also provides detailed instructions on how to do it. There is a 24/7 support staff in case you need to transact large amounts of money.

Many great deals

All members who play games at the house will be able to participate in many promotions. However, to express appreciation and gratitude to customers who have enthusiastically supported, the house has built many promotional events with great value specifically for these audiences.

This is also one of thoseNew88’s modeloved and highly appreciated by customers. Every month, you will receive a refund of your bet at a certain rate depending on each vip level. Not only that, you can also receive extremely surprising gifts from the house when you regularly bet here.

Enthusiastic support

During the game, you can contact New88 customer service for help and support to answer questions anytime, anywhere. The house provides many modern and convenient communication channels for VIP members to use such as hotline, email, and social networks.

With a large staff, you don’t have to wait long. Not only that, they also have the capacity, extensive professional knowledge, and extensive experience to ensure the most satisfactory customer service.

How to get exclusive New88 mode?

Through the information introducing New88’s regime above, you must be very eager to register to become a VIP member of the house. Below is important information you need to know before participating.

Conditions for receiving New88’s benefits

When becoming a member of the VIP club, players will experience a service style no different from that of a god. The house will regularly offer exclusive incentives and promotions and provide extremely attentive care. To receive these attractive benefits, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Monthly deposits must meet the required minimum.
  • Comply with the conditions, policies and principles set forth by the house.
  • Regularly log in and experience betting at any game product.

Some other notes

In addition, players also need to pay attention to some issues after registering to receive the game’s mode New88. Specifically:
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If members want to withdraw bonus money to the bank, they need to meet at least one valid betting round. The house will not calculate betting revenue for drawn singles, canceled singles or double bets.

Members must not violate any policies or conditions prescribed by the house.

Players have the right to change, reserve or cancel the program at any time.

Once you have registered to join the New88 VIP membership program, it means you agree to comply with the principles, terms and regulations. At that time, you will be absolutely protected by the house and receive many attractive benefits.

Above is an article summarizing information introducing attractive New88 modes and how to become a member of this club. If you have any questions, you can contact New88 staff directly.

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