Here are some words that customers love to use for customer service


The world is affected by what we say. They can change the way people feel and think. Many potential buyers prefer “pre-loved,” when talking about cars. The term “used” is more appealing than “used” on a menu. This drink is better known as Frappucino than “coffee milkshake”.

Customer service is only as good as the words and phrases that you use. Customers’ perceptions of our business may be affected by what we say. Language can influence customers’ decisions. It is amazing how a few words such as “cool down” and “it’s against company policy” can make the difference between keeping or losing customers.

Be selective with your words, and give preference to phrases that will advance your strategy. Below are the most powerful phrases and brief explanations of what they mean to clients. We’ve included some variations so you won’t be stuck for ideas.

Thanking For Your Honor

It’s not surprising that “thank you!” is one of our first words in kindergarten. It’s more than polite to show gratitude. It is a way to express gratitude for your goodwill and strengthen relationships. It’s an easy way to show your customers that you value their business and that you are willing to help them if they have any problems with your product. Agents can thank customers at different points in the conversation. Thank them for reaching out to you. Thank them for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Recognize their sincerity and perseverance. You can learn a lot from interacting with customers, which is one reason to be grateful.

You can also express your gratitude in other ways, like:

My sincere gratitude to …”

A heartfelt “thank you”

We are grateful for your feedback. Thank you for your suggestions.

Contributing through Offering Help

This shows clients you value their communication and puts them at ease. Customers are assured that no inquiry is too small and they can message or call you with any problem. Remember the lesson from acting class: Your body language is what you use to communicate this statement. Have fun with it! Smiles that are happy can be shared from one person to the next.

These are some synonyms:

It is an honor to help in any way possible

Any way I can help, it makes my day.

I am glad to be of assistance.

“I would be glad to lend a helping hand.”

Let’s get rid of the problems and fix the system.

We are eager to fix things and make them better.

Responding for the needs of your clientele

Let me look into that, to paraphrase a customer support phrase.

It is normal to get confused at first. Additional study may be required to find detailed solutions to complex problems beyond those in the FAQs. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to know all the answers. After all, humans are human too. This is how we show our commitment to exceeding the expectations of each customer.

This sentence is crucial when offering phone assistance. You can ask a customer to put you on hold while you investigate the matter. You can also call them back to get the information they need. You can also use it to provide customer service via email and social media. You should keep in touch with your client but not promise a time limit you won’t be able to meet. If you don’t know how long it will take to resolve the issue, you can set unrealistic expectations.

Another Words for Customer Service:

I will have to get back with you about that.

Let me wait while I verify that I have it correctly.

I want to make sure you are correct details. Would you mind if I contacted you about this again?


Customer service is a complex process that requires the use of words and phrases. A few words such as “cool down” and “it’s against company policy” can make the difference between keeping or losing customers. Use specific words and give preference to the ones that will advance your approach. Customers are reassured that no inquiry is too small and can contact you at any time. Don’t expect unrealistic results by stating that you will respond “very quickly” or “we’ll do our best to reply as soon as possible”.

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