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Powerful Illumination and Convenient Design with the F450 Follow Spot

When it comes to stage lighting, optimal performance and energy efficiency are key considerations. The Light Sky F450 Follow Spot is a lighting fixture that combines powerful illumination with efficient operation, making it a valuable asset for any stage lighting setup. With its high-performance lamp and energy-saving design, the F450 Follow Spot delivers impressive lighting capabilities while minimizing power consumption. Additionally, its convenient and portable features ensure a seamless setup process for various events and venues.

Optimal performance and energy efficiency

The F450 Follow Spot is a powerhouse of illumination with its 450W lamp. The Light Sky NSL-450 USHIO lamp provides a color temperature of 6900K, delivering a bright and intense light output. The lamp’s long lifespan of up to 1500 hours ensures reliable performance and reduces the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, the F450 Follow Spot is designed with a power factor of 0.988, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing power consumption.

Convenience and portability for seamless setup

Lighting setup should be hassle-free, and the F450 Follow Spot delivers on convenience and portability. The light stand, weighing only 9.18kg, can rotate 360 degrees and adjust the height, allowing you to position the spotlight precisely where you need it. The compact size of the F450 Follow Spot makes it easy to transport and install, ensuring a seamless setup process for various events and venues.

The F450 Follow Spot’s appearance parameters are designed with practicality in mind. The light’s dimensions of 866 x 400 x 404mm make it compact and easy to handle. The included fly case with stand provides additional protection during transportation, and its size of 1225 x 625 x 545mm ensures that all components fit securely. Whether you’re setting up in a small theater or a large concert venue, the F450 Follow Spot’s design allows for efficient use of space.


The F450 Follow Spot is a versatile and powerful lighting fixture that enhances your stage lighting setup. With its precise adjustments, customizable effects, optimal performance, and convenient design, it offers endless possibilities to create stunning visual experiences. Whether you’re a lighting professional or an event organizer, the F450 Follow Spot provides the tools you need to elevate your performances and captivate your audience. Invest in the F450 Follow Spot and take your stage lighting to new heights.

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