The genius behind the Hungarian Golden Team

It was a joy to watch the 1950s Hungarian football team. You can wager on the live football match today.

It is a common trait in most of the greatest squads in the history, that they have a mastermind who puts all the pieces in place. Gusztav Sebens was the mastermind in this case.

Sebes introduced several new concepts to the game. Sebes adopted a beautiful form of total football, which was also stunning to watch. This led to great results. You can wager on live football matches at 1xBet today. There are also the best odds in the market for punters.

Socialist football

Gusztav Sebens called his strategies “socialist football.” Because he believed that every player should have equal importance, he gave his strategy this name. They must also be available to play in any position they are required. The kabaddi also allows its members to wager on other highly versatile athletes which are kabaddi fighters.

His tactics were deployed in a variety of squads including:

  • Szentlorinci AC;
  • Csepeli WMFC;
  • Budafoki MTE;
  • The Hungarian national team;
  • Diosgyori VTK.

Gusztav Sebens’s most successful period in his entire career was during his time with the Hungarian team. Bettors can now wager on the top athletes and teams by going to online  platform. There are many options available.

Excellent results

Sebes coached the football team to some of the most impressive results the Hungarian national team has ever seen. They won the 1952 Olympic Games. They also won the Central European Football Tournament the year after. You can also find live score today match 1xBet. Similar features are available for football contests.

Between 1949 and 1957, Sebes managed Hungary in total. They were runners-up in the FIFA World Cup 1954. Despite a string of positive results, Sebes was eventually fired in 1957. He was still active in many activities that were related to football. He continued to make the sport more famous. You can find the live scores for today’s basketball matches on 1xBet’s online bookmaker website.

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