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How to Choose the Right Jockey Wheel

Having the appropriate jockey wheel is essential for guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free trailer ride. For their high-quality jockey wheel solutions, trailer owners and suppliers are turning to DNL, a reputable brand in the market. DNL offers a wide range of jockey wheel for trailer with different sizes, weight capacities, wheel types,materials, features, and functions. In this post, we’ll tell you how to choose the right jockey wheel for trailer, emphasizing how they can significantly improve your towing performance.

What is DNL Jockey Wheel for Trailer

DNL Jockey Wheel Trailer is a must-have trailer accessory that will save you time and effort. This simple device attaches to the front or rear axle of your trailer, allowing you to easily move your trailer while parked. You can use it to move your trailer up and down ramps, around corners, or even across a parking lot.

Some Key Factors for Choosing

Size and weight capacity: The jockey wheel should match the size and weight of the trailer. If it is too small or too weak, it might cause damage or instability. If it is too large or too strong, it might be unnecessary and costly.

Wheel type and material: The jockey wheel should suit the terrain and conditions where the trailer is used. There are different types of wheels, such as solid, pneumatic, or semi-pneumatic. There are also different materials, such as rubber, plastic, metal, or composite.

Features and functions: The jockey wheel should have the features and functions that the trailer owner needs. There are various components and mechanisms that can enhance the functionality and convenience of the jockey wheel, such as clamps, brakes, handles, indicators, etc.


Choosing the right jockey wheel for a trailer is important. It depends on the size, weight, terrain, and features of the trailer and the jockey wheel. DNL is a supplier of high-quality jockey wheels for trailers. It has many options and customizations for different needs and preferences.

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