OEKAN Furniture’s Ophthalmic Chair: Excellent Comfort and Durability for Hospital Settings

As a medical professional, you know how important it is to have comfortable hospital chairs for patients. Whether it’s for ophthalmic exams or other medical procedures, the right chair can make a significant difference in patient comfort and satisfaction. That’s where OEKAN Furniture‘s hospital chairs come in.

OEKAN Furniture offers a broad range of hospital chairs that are designed with both the patient and practitioner in mind. From basic exam chairs to specialized ophthalmic chairs, its products are built to last and provide excellent comfort and support.

Profile of OEKAN’s Ophthalmic Chair

One of OEKAN Furniture’s most popular products is the Oslo Ophthalmic Chair. With its firm design and sturdy construction, this chair provides clinicians with a contemporary and reliable option for eye examinations. Patients can be easily rotated and raised to the correct position thanks to the hydraulic height mechanism, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience for both the patient and practitioner.

The chair back and seat are made of high-density cotton with a fabric cover, providing optimal comfort and support during extended periods of use. The chair frame is constructed from stainless steel tube with an epoxy powder-coated finish, providing excellent durability and resistance against wear and tear.


OEKAN Furniture’s hospital chairs, including the Oslo Ophthalmic Chair, offer exceptional comfort, durability, and versatility for medical professionals and patients alike. If you’re looking for high-quality and reliable hospital chairs, look no further than OEKAN Furniture.

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