What is underdog? Instructions on how to predict the main numbers accurately

What is underdog? How to play Northern and Southern masters under? These are certainly issues that many people new to this type find strange. There are many players who make huge money from under, but many people go bankrupt from there. Therefore, for players to learn and understand how to play under, New88today lottery summarized in detail in the article below.

What is underdog?


What is the term master fainting? Under is very common among lottery players in the Southern region. Playing under the main is a way of playing where you need to correctly predict the last 3 numbers of the lottery result, that is, one of the cases from 000 to 999. The under the North will be taken according to the result of the North and the under is the main. The South will be chosen according to the Southern lottery results. Depending on the form of play, players will need to predict where the number will appear in the tournament.

If one of the two predicted positions appears the correct number, the player will have a chance to win a prize. If both results are correctly predicted in two positions, the reward will be doubled.

Popular types of fainting spells

After learning what a master card is, let’s take a look at some common types of master cards.

Special master underdog

Special Underdog is similar to its name, with this form players will predict the last 3 numbers of the daily Lottery jackpot. This way of playing can also be called special 3-card lotteries in the Northern region.

The boss is weak

The first under is also known as the first 3 claws. This way of playing is mainly based on the results of the 3-digit prize. In the South, it is based on prize 7 while in the South it is based on prize 6. However, the popular playing method in the South is almost unusable in the North.

What is underdog? Under the tail

The form of playing under the main tail, also known as 3 tails, is a way of playing based on the last 3 numbers of the lottery. This form is only for XSMB, which means players will predict the last 3 numbers of the MB special prize if they choose to bet under the tail.

Under the head and tail

This is a combination of betting on the head and the tail. How to play will be considered in both the special prize and prize 7 of the lottery results. Players should choose this form because the reward is 2 times larger than first under or special under.
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The main form of the backpack is faint

In fact, the main lottery number is similar to the 2-number lottery, you will choose 3 numbers that are likely to come out to play. The 3 lottery numbers in the Northern region will include 23 prizes. In the Central and Southern regions there will be a total of 17 prizes.

What is the odds of winning under?

What is the main under/under ratio? This is a question asked by many people. Depending on the region, there will be different odds of winning under. Some popular ratios that you can refer to:

  • Under the tail will be 1 to 400
  • The first under will also be 1 to 400
  • The main underdog bag will have a ratio of 1:30 to 1:40 depending on whether the player chooses the Southern or Northern bag.

If players choose to bet under on online lottery sites, the odds are much higher.

Over/under ratio in the Southern region

The following is detailed information about Southern underdogs

  • If the tail is under, the odds are 1 to 970
  • The first under has odds of 1 to 970
  • The main underdog has odds of 1 to 57

Over/under ratio in the Northern region

What is the main under rate? For the Northern region, it will be slightly lower than the Southern region:

  • The first under is usually 1 to 323
  • Under is usually 1 to 970
  • Under the lottery owner usually has a ratio of 1 to 40

The most commonly used method of divination

If you want to participate in predicting under in the North and South, you can refer to some ways to catch under from  New88 shared below:

Catching the owner by order

Players can take the previous day’s lottery numbers and combine them with the order of the week to decide what the next day’s low number will be. For example: The previous day’s special prize, Friday, was 23957. Combining the special prize with the following day resulted in an under 657.

Play under the master based on the total bet

Players will predict today’s underdog by combining that day’s total numbers together to get 3-digit underdog. If the total of the lottery number is greater than 10, we take the number in the units place of that total.

What are some notes to keep in mind when playing under?

Playing under for Southern and Northern players mainly depends on luck, so if players apply the lottery method, it will waste a lot of time. Players can refer to some popular ways to play below:

  • Add a favorite number to the number that you believe is likely to appear in the results table. So, if you already have a lottery number or can predict the last 2 numbers of GDB, you have to find one more number to be able to apply this statistical method.
  • Absolutely do not count your money to decide what to play under the main lottery.
  • Players should not play under the master often because its rate is quite low. So you should only try it when you are sure of the numbers you choose.


Above is the information to answer the question “What is the word “fain”?link  New88 bring. Hopefully through this article you will grasp the information as well as choose the appropriate form of play for yourself.

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